U-High goes fully remote in response to Covid
March 15, 2020

In the midst of spring break week, U-High students and parents were suddenly notified that they would not be returning to school in person on March 16. Instead, all classes would be remote using Zoom and laptops.

With all students and faculty equipped with laptops, and many course materials already online in Blackboard or Google Classroom, classes continued, but everyone was under extreme stress as the normal routine was disrupted.

Outdoor graduation, masked activities, hybrid classes
Covid, 2020-21

With masks on, graduation took place at Hancock Stadium as social-distancing standards necessitated. The ceremony took place on August 9, with about 90% of students in attendance; the other 10% were dealing with college obligations.

people walking
Graduation 2021
Students lead the Mr. U-High pageant, 2021