Illinois Committee takes up “unfair advantage” that lab schools have in sports

With no boundaries, public schools assert that private and lab schools enjoy an unfair advantage in attracting students from a wider area. U-High Principal Steve Charton sits on the 21 member committee.

Jd scott
Counselor J.D. Scott directs the CAPTAINS program, 1991.
Sarah Bray and Carrie Kerns at graduation, 1992.
FIRST Program for Freshman is created

Designed to provide an extensive orientation session for new students, the program focused on an interdisciplinary approach to classes that included English, geometry, biology, social science and wellness.

Quincy Pittmon and Sarah Welsh perform in Orchesis, 1993.
Burt O’ Connor, long-time coach, athletic director, passes away
Burt O'Connor
Coach Burt O’Connor, center, talks with 4 of his returning lettermen in this picture from Sep. 1941.

O’Connor came to U-High in 1937. His football teams had three undefeated seasons and 10 consecutive conference titles. He was inducted into the Illinois State High School Coaches Hall of Fame.

Coach Jim Scott retires after 38 years
Jim Scott

Scott coached Boys Baseball for 36 seasons, boys golf for 14 years, swimming for 33 years and freshman-sophomore football for 24 years.

Pantagraph article

Nearly 50,000 hours of clinical experiences provided to education majors

As a clinical site for preservice teachers, U-High and Metcalf provided placements for 18 ISU academic departments during the year.

Fiscal worries force U-High to raise fees

With the lab schools facing a deficit of $200,000, Lab School Director Bob Dean worked with parents to agree on fee increases to prevent cuts to activities. In addition, 3-4 (of 17) lab school faculty/staff would not be rehired after being laid off, and contracts of some other staff were reduced from 12 to 10 months. 14 of the teachers laid off were from U-High.

Without the benefit of a local tax base, the lab schools still face financial struggles, with teachers making $4000 less than their Unit 5 and District 87 counterparts.

Alumni Association takes shape

In its second year of existence, the U-High Alumni Association drafted a constitution, elected officers and established a subcommittee structure for completing tasks.

painting flags
Culture club paints world flags above the lockers, 1996.

Teacher Peter Parmantie retires after 38 years

Known for his point charts, vocabulary lists and revisions, the English teacher began his career at U-High in 1959.

Library/tech club dabbles in “The Internet”

“The kids seem to enjoy workng with the computers,” said Librarian Kathy Oberhardt.

Teacher Jim Kinsella travels through 50 states in 50 days
Summer 1998

Students from his social studies classes, along with students from Carol Benson’s math classes, spent portions of the ’97-’98 school year planning the trip itinerary including route and budget. Kinsella used a digital camera and laptop to post notes along his way.

“Principles of Technology” class introduced

Teacher Steve Remmert starts the new course which is designed to provide students an opportunity to learn about current technological advances.

Dirk Smid
Teacher Dirk Smid explains a pre-calc problem to Todd Witherow, 1999.