Arthur J. Bonds becomes first African-American to serve as president of U-High senate
President Art Bonds, Vice-President Randy Rust, Treasurer Shirley Neeley and Secretary Susan Myers.

“The Council took a long step forward in an area in which earlier Councils have also tinkered—the area of study hall rules. Taking a positive attitude, the Council revised the rules to tell students what they can do instead of what they cannot do.” -The Clarion Yearbook

students in library
U-High’s library, June 1960
U-High phone call leads to NCHS football forfeits
Nov. 2, 1961

Undefeated NCHS was forced to forfeit all of its wins after discovering that one of its athletes was actually a year older than thought, and thus, ineligible to participate, thanks to a phone call from Dr. Harry Lovelass, U-High’s principal, to NCHS Principal Ray Caton, notifying him of the discrepancy.

Unfortunately, an angry NCHS team responded by trouncing the Pioneers 55-0 the following weekend.

news article
The Pantagraph, Nov. 4, 1961
Building committee begins designing “new U-High”
February, 1962

In February, 1962, the Building Committee which included architects, faculty and students, was tasked with creating a school that would house 700-800 students and teachers. The plans included classrooms with moveable walls, television access in most rooms, and a home ec room and dining area (301).

building plans
Designing the new U-High, 1962
building drawings

On June 17, 1963, the Teachers College Board approved $2 million for a new building.


Construction took place during the 1963-64 school year, and the new building was first occupied in April, 1965; the auditorium was completed the following year.

The Beatles: “Our parents suggest using insecticide”
(Photo by Harry Hammond/V&A Images/Getty Images)

The Clarionette conducted a poll on this new British combo to determine their impact on U-High students. Responses included “nice boys, nice music, nice hair”, I admire them for being able to grow that much hair”, and “for that much money, I’d wiggle too.”

Seniors sing the class hymn as the file out of Class Night, 1964.
U-High students move to Gregory St. building
January, 1965

With Stroud Auditorium just a muddy pit, students and staff moved into the mostly-completed new building. No longer were U-High kids on the ISU campus attending classes in various buildings.

One unwelcome side-effect of the move, to students at least, was that U-High became a closed campus, and for the next 8 years, students were not allowed to leave the building without a written pass.

students at McDonalds
Clarion Ad, 1965
Last U-High performance in Capen Auditorium

“The Curious Savage” went off well, despite several cast members and the director, Mr. Connolly, having been ill the week leading up to the show. The cast included future Hollywood actress Ellen Crawford.

New building dedicated
November 6, 1966

Building includes a multi-purpose area (the lounge), classroom areas using movable walls, and a vending machine cafeteria. Carpeted areas include the library, main office, guidance office, home ec room and classrooms 201 and 203. TV reception AND transmission is possible in most classrooms (though equipment for the latter is not yet available).

New Library, 1966
parthenon frieze
Ruth Stroud Auditorium Parthenon Frieze

The ten plaques that adorn the walls of the auditorium are replicas of the famous frieze of the Parthenon. The show the procession of young athletes on their way to Athens for the contests held in honor of the goddess Athena. These symbols are considered to be a link between the Old & New U-High.

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parthenon frieze

Stroud Auditorium
Stroud Auditorium opens

The auditorium was named after Ruth Stroud who taught English at U-High for 35 years.

Ruth Stroud, Training School Teacher, 1931
teacher ruth stroud
Ruth Stroud in the classroom, 1965

In 1965, students dedicated the Clarion to Ms. Stroud, thanking her for “he gift of understanding Shakespeare, Howthorne and Cather…
fr teaching the fun of the English language and literature…and most of all for the priceless fight of words to read, write and enjoy.”

Ruth Stroud passed away at the age of 82.

U-High crest completed, approved

After two and a half months of work, the industrial arts department, in tandem with student-teacher Roger Gaither, completed the new crest. The crest underwent over 200 design changes and in the end, became a combination of ISU’s crest and the old U-High crest.

Awards Day Program

Nixon wins over Humphrey in mock election

Nixon garnered 267 votes to Humphrey’s 146 votes. Students Paul Kuntz, Becki Holdridge, Shelby Hubbard and John Brand each garnered 1 vote.

Girls allowed to wear slacks under new dress code

Following a vote in homeroom, and input from a faculty advisory committee, a test period to allow girls to wear slacks (under the dress code) was started in late May, 1969.