School Emblem adopted
school emblem
From the 1930 Clarion

On Feb. 28, students voted to adopt the school emblem. The cogwheel in the upper left hand corner of the shield symbolizes cooperation. The lamp in the lower right represents the lamp of knowledge.

First separate homecoming

Up to that year U-High’s homecoming had been part of ISU’s homecoming. Besides having their own celebration, U-High’s festivities included a snake dance and pep meeting Friday night, and a 3-block long parade and football game Saturday afternoon. A Homecoming dance was held in Fell Hall that evening.

First student council

1934: first school council. First action: provide juniors with the right to wear the school emblem.

The Clarionette
clarionette staff
First Clarionette staff

The original 4 page paper came out every Wednesday. The first editor-in-chief was Elise Blumm.

In 1935, the Clarionette forecasted what the high school of the future might look like. Among other projections:

  • -“the students will have a greater part in the management of the school.”
  • -“many new inventions will cause changes in work…people will need to learn a new occupation in a short time”.
  • -“with more liesure time, students will be taught an appreciation of music, art, literature and sports”.
Practice teaching

In 1935, practice teaching was an integral part of U-High’s daily life. Advanced students from campus departments planned and conducted daily teaching activities; in addition, they helped schedule and run extra-curriculars. Meanwhile, U-High teachers served as critics and supervisors.

First Band
The first band was organized in 1935, and was composed of 15 students. Members are pictured here mixed with the Orchestra.
senior class will
Sherman G. Waggoner begins his term as principal
Sherman Waggoner

Waggoner served as principal until 1945; teachers remember him for his friendliness and sense of humor.

1 Alice M. Eikenberry, Associate Professor of the teaching of social studies

Population of U-High includes 125 ISSCS students
June 30, 1937

“Meanwhile, the people of the state have provided funds with which to dress these 125 young men and women in a manner to give them confidence and assist them in fitting in the community…”1

1Twentieth Annual Report of the Department of Public Welfare

Frank Niehaus, Lela Winegarner, and John Carlock in Journalism class, 1937.
Marcia Davis, Constance Pierce, and John Spaulding in Consumer Chemistry Class, 1938.
Commerce Club
Walter Rider, Elinor Scott, Barbara Orr, Whitney Learned, Dorothy Robb and Tom Mills perform Lambeth walk dance steps, 1938.
U-High wins its first Corn Belt Track Championship
Warren Rossiter winning in the 440 yard dash. The Daily Pantagraph, April 24, 1938.

Scoring a total of 7 first places, U-High won the first Corn Belt Track Meet which was held at McCormick Field.

Marching band makes first appearance at football game

Under the direction of Professor H.W. Peithman, “the band carried out some rather difficult formations” including forming the letter “C” and later “UH”.

By the following year, the band had received new uniforms, and they led the Homecoming Parade for the first time.
Profile: Joe Poplawski
Joe Poplawski

Joe Poplawski was one of many students who attended U-High from the Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home. During his time at U-High, Joe served as the captain of the football team where he helped lead the team to a conference championship and was selected as a guard on the All-Central Illinois Scholastic team. He was also a basketball letterman, played baseball (despite having only 1 arm) and earned his junior Red Cross life-saving certification.1

1ISSCS Historical Preservation Society